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The Colony Garbage Disposal Service

Garbage Disposals

When you buy a new garbage disposal in The Colony, installation instructions are included. But before you scrap your old disposal, check the manufacturer’s warranty because some warranties cover parts and labor for 5 years or more which could possibly save you time and money of purchasing a new one. We will use our professional expertise for the installation because we want yours to work efficiently. Call today and have it done right. Disposals have become a very important appliance to almost every kitchen in America. Instead of flushing food and other remnants down the drain and getting a clog in your lines, disposals quickly dispose and liquefy them.

Professional Plumbing Services

Dealing with a broken disposal can be very frustrating. It may only need minimal maintenance or a major makeover but you will not know this until a plumber inspects it. We will get yours working again safely.

Garbage Disposal Services

  • Garbage disposal installations
  • In sink aerator
  • Commercial garbage disposals
  • Clogged garbage disposals
  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Garbage disposal repair

Avoiding Problems with Your Garbage Disposal

When using a disposal, make sure you flush it with plenty of water, at least two gallons per minute. If something has been put in the disposal that shouldn’t have been, the use of a professional The Colony plumber is required:

  • Metal
  • Rubber
  • Glass objects
  • Fibrous food waste

Maintaining your Disposal

You might think that just because you have a disposal that anything can be digested. A The Colony garbage disposal is used for some foods not all. Some items can safely be trashed and not harm the blades of the disposal itself. A good disposal is able to last, with proper maintenance, for 10 years.

Types of Garbage Disposal Installations

Garbage build up in the kitchen is very common. Many types of disposal methods and techniques have been implemented in order to rid the home of garbage issues. The following disposals are common in households in Texas homes:

  • Feed disposal
  • Batch feed disposal
  • Septic tank disposal

Common Disposal Problems

There are lots of things that can go wrong with your disposal. They may be obvious or they may be non-apparent. Either way, have your disposal looked at by our plumbers. Call us for when the following problems go wrong with your disposal:

  • Unit will not turn on
  • Unit jams
  • Leaks
  • Clogs

If you need an installation or plumbing repair for your The Colony garbage disposal, call Jar-Dab Plumbing, Inc.. We are the plumbing experts that have the time, tools and equipment to handle all types of disposal services.

The Colony Garbage Disposal Experts Provide:

  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Garbage disposers
  • Garbage disposal repairs
  • Sink garbage disposals
  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Leaking garbage disposal repairs
  • Garbage disposal removal
  • Replace garbage disposals
  • Kitchen garbage disposals

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If you are looking for a garbage disposal service in The Colony and North Texas, then please call 972-625-0083 or complete our online request form.